Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatment

Skin testing

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This is an easy option performed in our office.  This procedure involves using a small plastic device and making a number of skin pricks on the skin.  We typically use the skin on your back.  A device called the “Multi-Test” to test is used for most common inhaled allergens (pollens, molds, dust, animal dander, etc.).  We can also test for common food allergies with the skin testing.  This type of testing in best to determine IgE medicated allergies.  

The skin pricks are applied in panels of 8 allergens.  We test for 70 allergens common in the Southeast  as well as an option for additional foods.  We allow the skin to “react” over the next 15 minutes and then interpret the degree of reaction by the amount of swelling (wheal formation) and erythema (redness or flare reaction).  

Check with your insurance carrier for testing coverage and immunotheraphy treatment.  For our self pay clients the cost is $650 for the testing.

Prior to testing

Dr. Lisa Robbins, Allergy testing, Allergy treatment

Prior to testing you must be off of your Antihistamines for 48 to 72 hours and complete the patient questionnaire on the Patient Portal for allergy testing.    We can not test you if you are pregnant or taking ANY Beta Blockers:

Betagan®  • Betapace®  • Betimol®  • Betoptic®  • Blocadren®  • Brevibloc®  • Bystolic®  • Coreg®  • Coreg CR® • Corgard®  • Inderal®  • Inderal LA® • InnoPran XL® • Istalol®  • Kerlone® • Levatol®  • Lopressor®  • OptiPranolol®  • Ocupress®  • Sectral®  • Sorine®  • Tenormin® • Timoptic®  • Toprol-XL®  • Trandate®  • TSectral® • Visken®              • Zebeta®

Examples of Antihistamines:

  • Allegra
  • Alavert
  • Benadryl
  • Clarinex
  • Claritin
  • Dramamine
  • Nytol
  • Phenergan
  • Tylenol Allergy
  • Unisom
  • Xyzal
  • Zyrtec

Food & Chemical Testing

allergy testing, ALCAT, immunotherapy, Dr. Lisa Robbins

Test results include:

 •Easy to understand color-coded test report.

 •Foods to avoid list. 

•Comprehensive results guidebook. 

•Personalized rotation plan.

 •Practical shopping guide and restaurant card. 

Titanium Comprehensive testing 357

 This is the most comprehensive testing available and includes an incredible 237 Foods, 50 Functional Foods and Medical Herbs, 20 Molds, 30 Food Additives/Colorings and Environmental Chemicals, 20 Antibiotics/ Anti-inflammatory Agents. 

Wellness Investment $1800

   Platinum Comprehensive testing 320:       

    This panel of testing will include a 200 Food panel, 50 Functional Foods and Medical herbs, 20 Food Additives/Coloring, 20 Molds, 10 Environmental Chemicals, 10 Antibiotics and 10 Anti-Inflammatory agents. 

Wellness Investment $1500


  Wellness Comprehensive testing 3:  

  An excellent way to get a measurement of you health.  This testing offers a 150 Food Allergy Panel, 30 Food Additives / Colorings and Environmental Chemicals and 20 Molds.  

Wellness Investment $900


 Wellness Food Comprehensive testing 1: 

This testing is idea for the person who wants to look at what foods and food additives are causing them to be sick.  This panel includes testing for 200 Foods and 30 Food Additives/Coloring & Environmental Chemicals and 20 molds.

Wellness Investment $1200

Allergy Drops

allergy, allergy treatment, allergy drops, immunotherapy, Dr. Lisa Robbins

This option lets you take control of your allergy treatment.  The drops (allergy medicine) are taken daily to help boost your immune system and decrease your allergies .  The treatment investment for the allergy drops start at $250.  This is not covered by insurance.

Low Dose Allergen (LDA)

Allergy testing, Allergy treatment, Holistic,  Dr. Lisa Robbins

This option is very popular for our clients who are on the go and can not make weekly visits to our office.  It requires injections every two months.  The treatment investment for LDA is $200.  This is not covered by insurance.

Weekly Injections

allergy treatment, allergy shots, Dr. Lisa Robbins, immunotherapy

A customized allergy serum is made for you and will require weekly visits to our office.  Treatment times vary for everyone and may be from one to five years. This option is covered by most insurance plans.  For our self pay clients the wellness investment is $1170 for a one year treatment plan. 

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