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We know you can't always come into our office for appointments or to participate in our programs.  If that fits you then we   are implementing something for you! Yes you, the people who can't leave, travel or have a demanding work schedule.  TeleVisits!

Our healthcare provider and support staff will collect all the necessary information through a live video chat and advise  you about your treatment options, medical results and more.  These visits are a great alternative for a busy person, quick consult or someone traveling.

During a TeleVisit appointment labs can be ordered tests online using the Ulta Lab link below. You may have the testing done at any lab you choose as well.  If you require  a medication prescriptions please let us know in the on-line questionnaire.   Supplements can be directly  ordered on our site as well.  Dr. Robbins or a team member will put in any recommended supplements in the Full Scripts site for you to have for your reference. 


What is Healow?

Healow is a platform which allows patients and providers to stay engaged and to help patients take charge of their health. In addition to TeleVisits, Healow offers Patient Engagement tools and trackers.




What is Healow


What is a TeleVisit?


A TeleVisit is an optional virtual one-on-one office visit through our Patient Portal or Healow App. 'Virtual' (Tele) meaning that it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. 'Visit' meaning that you will see our physician  in real time to discuss your health and wellness concerns. The provider will be able to assess your symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations, including prescribing medications and scheduling follow up appointments.  

How do TeleVisits Work?


You will need to be web enabled by providing a working email address to our office. Once web enabled, you will be able to use our digital portals to enhance your healthcare experience.  Once you are web enabled, you can schedule a TeleVisit appointment by signing on to our Patient Poral or using the Healow Application. 

How Much are TeleVisits?


Silver  Membership – Provides 12 telemedicine visit per year up to 15 minutes each  $350 year.   Health spending  accounts welcomed. Care for Established Patients ONLY:



- $75 /  1-30 minutes

  -  $95 / 31- 45 minutes

Gold  -Membership Package  - Provides 12  televisits per year up to an hour each.  $1000  year/ $85 month

Silver Membership Package- Provides  12 telemedicine visits per year up to 30 minutes each.  $700 year/ $60 month

Bronze Membership – Provides 12 telemedicine visit per year up to 15 minutes each  $350 year  / $30 month

 If for any reason you cannot complete your scheduled appointment, there are no refunds for the visit.

 You can reschedule your appointment for a later time and date, but it will be charged as a new visit and you will forfeit any previous cost.

Immediate Care





Nutritional Counseling

Pink  Eye

Runny Nose

Skin Conditions
Upper Respiratory Infection  

Weight Management

Chronic Management


 Medication Management Prescription Refill

Follow – up 

Routine lab results  

Review diagnostic imaging results

Hormone Management

Why Use TeleVisit


Ease of use

 Use from Home 

Use while traveling 

Use from work

Quick visit

 Save time 

Save gas

Save money


TeleVisit Payment


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