What is thermography

Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins, breast thermography, holistic, no radiation

Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging also known as Thermography or HD Thermography is preventive holistic medicine. It is non-invasive, painless breast screening , non-contact, and there is no radiation. Thermoraphy is safe for women with implants, mastectomies, pregnancies and all ages.  Thermography reveals patterns on the skin and thermal abnormalities.  Featured Thermography in Stone Mountain.

Imaging of the breast is not intended as a cancer detection test, as it does not suggest, confirm or rule out the possibility that cancer exists in the breast or any other area of the body.

Medical Thermal Imaging

Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins

 Medical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is a sophisticated clinical imaging technique that records the thermal changes in skin temperature.   It allows our board certified medical professionals to take a physiological image of your body.  Physiological imaging is far different than traditional anatomical imaging.

The thermal images identifies physiological changes in the body at the cellular level, often a precursor to cancer or disease.    Thermal Imaging detects skin temperature variances due to physiological changes such DNA damage or tumor neoangiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) early inflammation leading to future conditions such as breast cancer, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal strain.    Thermal Imaging screening is also used for: soft tissue injuries, headaches, back and neck problems, pain syndromes, breast cancer prevention, and digestive disorders.

Purpose of testing

Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins

  •  Help in determining cause of pain  
  •  For early detection of disease and pathology   
  • Evaluate sensory-nerve irritation or significant soft-tissue injury  
  •  To define a previously diagnosed injury or condition  
  •  To identify an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing   
  • To follow progress of healing and rehabilitation   
  • To provide objective evidence

Preparation for testing

Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins, holistic

  • Do not have physical therapy or electromyography the same day thermography is performed  
  • Do not smoke 4 hour prior to testing
  • Do not shave for 8 hours before the test  
  • No Caffeinated beverages 24 hours before the test ( includes, coffee, tea, chocolate) 
  • Do not use deodorants or creams on the skin the day of the test
  • Do wear lotions, oils or perfumes
  • Avoid make-up, powder, and lipstick 
  • Avoid tanning beds (no sunburn)
  • No massage, body work or heavy exercise before the test   
  •  Diet - No changes required other than avoiding caffeine  
  • Medicines - No changes necessary
  • Disrobing - You will be removing clothing down to underwear, removing jewelry, putting on a surgical gown

Wellness Investment

Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins, holistic

Breast Screening (or one area)

 Investment: $175  /  $60 follow-up review visit with doctor.   Breast Thermography is a non-invasive test of physiology.  It is a valuable tool in alerting your doctor of any changes that could indicate early stage of breast disease.   

             Women's / Men's Health Screening Investment: $300 /  $85 follow-up review with doctor   This package offers valuable and early information related to: Cardiovascular inflammation   Immune system response, Possible thyroid dsyfunction, and breast disease in the earliest possible stages.    Did you know that a woman is 10X more likely to experience heart or cardio-vascular disease than breast disease? 

  Full Body Imaging

Investment: $500 /   $125 follow-up review with doctor.   Utilized as health screening for early detection and differential analysis of inflammation, pain, or abnormal vascular activity.  Establish a baseline for comparison at later date to document suspected area of concerns.  Regions imaged included: Head, neck, chest, upper back, breast, abdomen, lower back, shoulder, arms, hands, hips, legs, knees and feet!


Thermography, Thermal imaging, Dr. Lisa Robbins, holistic, women, wellness

 Are there any side effects?  No. This procedure is non-invasive. 

 How long does it take? Once the questionnaire is completed the testing time takes 10 minutes for breast screening, 20 minutes for health screening and 30 minutes for full body.

  Who performs the test? A  certfied female Clinical Thermographer.


 How long does it for the results? Allow  five business days for the results. 

   How will the test feel? The room air may feel cool as you adjust to the room temperature before the scanning. The camera does not emit radiation of any kind. The heat used comes from your body !! There is no touching, pressing or squeezing involved. 

   What does the FDA say about this Screening?  A telethermographic system for adjunctive diagnostic screening for detection of breast cancer or other uses is an electrically powered device with a detector that is intended to measure, without touching the patient's skin, the self-emanating infrared radiation that reveals the temperature variations of the surface of the body. This type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, component parts, and accessories. 

 What are other professionals are saying about Thermography?  "The Best Test" The Promise of Thermography: A guest article in The Huffington Post from the leading voice in women's holistic health - Christiane Northrup, M.D.   

Do I have to come in for my results? 

    Results can be mailed to you or your physician at no additional charge.  If you would any information explained on the test you will need to come in or do a telemedicine consultation at the required fee.